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  • 19443 Soledad Cyn. Rd., Suite 109
    Santa Clarita, CA 91351

Mission Statement: Unifying support responses to the most critical and personal needs of our military, veterans, and families.

Our goal is to assist in finding the right resources to fit the family and individual family needs of our veterans.

We are committed to help in the coordinations of programs, services and other resources to all Veterans and their families. By offering assistance in applying for programs and benefits the veteran or family may be entitled to based on the individual's military service.

    • Necessary Documents, DD-214, full Military records
    • Registered with the local V.A for immediate or future benefits
    • Assistance with the V.A forms/application
    • Resources & referral to other Veteran Organizations

Current Projects

Veterans Plantation consisting of orchards/gardens operated and harvested by veterans on 1.5 acres located in the Santa Clarita Valley that is currently in the purchase process, will serve a dual purpose in the community.

The plantations will provide fruits and vegetables for all Veterans in need, as well as theraputic rehabilitation for veterans with disabilities. This program will enable vets to actively participate and give back to the community and help with their transition back to employment.

Other Current Projects:

  • Recycling (bottles & cans) supported by local business
  • Clothes (new, unwrapped) for Vets and their families

  • Additional Projects:

  • Donation priority to needy, disabled and homeless Vets and their families
  • Partner with local Colleges & Schools
  • Sell produce at Farmers Market/local restaurants/culinary arts

Veterans Movie Night


Veterans Movie Night

How You Can Help:

    • Volunteer
    • Provide all aspects of gardening/landscape supplies
    • Plant a tree
    • Hire a Veteran
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